Sunday, July 8, 2018

Your Sister Sodom

Ezekiel 16:49-50

It's not what you think it's what you believe.  Patricia '96

Friday, July 6, 2018

The Midweek Holiday

I kept feeling like yesterday was Saturday.  Not sure why the idea of weekday-weekend still holds in my thought process.  That world is long long gone.  Not that it ever really existed. The world that created those ideas is long gone.  July 4 I had to go to the grocery store. When I spend every penny each month paying bills,  buying necessities. Every transaction feels like I'm being robbed.  When the person I'm doing the business transaction with is unpleasant it feels like I'm being assaulted too.  So anyhow I asked my neighbor if he wanted to go along for a trip into town. He said sure. Not much to tell just a typical day. He thanked me for taking him along when we returned home.  Later that day I saw an older gentleman walking by my fence staggering up the road.  I'd never seen him before and the direction he was heading was into the hills. I went out to see if he was okay.  He was disoriented and wasn't sure where he was.  While I was on the phone for the paramedics, my neighbor shows up saying she saw him fall down earlier.  The paramedics arrived and ultimately took him to the hospital. Later, I called the hospital to learn he was reunited with his son.  I wasn't able to find out where he came from or if he lives in my neighbor. On July 5 by coincidence I look out my window.  A car coming down the hill makes an erratic turn and crashes into my neighbors fence.  No brakes. They were removing junk cars.  I was thankful it wasn't my fence. I understand why my neighbor is upset. I hope things get worked out and everyone can be neighborly.

I now have a rooster. The people who had it don't want it any longer. It starts crowing around 4:00 am.

If you've ever filled in the details in your mind during a conversation and imaged something splendid to later find out it was all created in your mind.  Welcome you've taken a midweek holiday.  [Now's]* an interesting time to check your kitchen cupboard to see what is the oldest spice bottle you've stowed away.  I think everyone should have at least one ancient spice bottle, maybe two.

I think midnight was the start of world war 3.  Now the trade war begins.  Someone paid money to make a giant balloon of Trump as a baby.   It makes you wonder just how much money has the USA been sending over seas?  I'm confused by the message. In America people celebrate using balloons.  Also businesses use balloons at grand openings.  There's even a huge parade using giant balloons on Thanksgiving.
Giving Thanks? Holiday inflatables have become a major part of Christmas displays.

Maybe someone can make a mile long sleeve to put into that shaft and get the children and their coach out of that water cave in Taiwan.

signified by the apostrophe
Now is
Now would be
Two or more now

It's not what you think it's what you believe.  Patricia '96

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


I saw you today in the break room eating that 3 day old piece of chicken left in the fridge from the Friday potluck.  I heard you talking about your affair with that married guy in the order department.  He bought you a car, and now his wife knows about you.  I envy your oblivion. I can't even laugh about your situation because it would make me feel guilty.  Your fate as a woman shouldn't be summed up on these details.  I wish I could connect with you on a level so you can see this. There are too many obstacles, my words would bounce around.  Here's to refrigerated air, selling sweaters, and lovers who are like three day old communal leftovers.

It's not what you think it's what you believe.  Patricia '96

Sunday, June 17, 2018

θ How are you doing?

¤ You don't know, do you?

θ huh? What?

¤ That's exactly how I feel.

θ What are you talking about.

¤ Exactly, now you understand.  We are both confused by this for different reasons. I don't know why you want to know. You don't know why I won't answer. You say I'm rude for not being cordial. I say your inquiry is confusing, because it's insincere. So why bother asking me that.

It's not what you think it's what you believe.  Patricia '96

Friday, June 15, 2018

The pile of twigs

I left a pile of twigs in the yard. Look who moved in:

It's not what you think it's what you believe.  Patricia '96

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Joyous Mysteries

Today while praying the Rosary while on my drive to work.  I pray out loud or else I get side tracked.  Today I noticed my voice was sounding like an auctioneer while praying.  I'm sure some Catholics would have been offended but it followed the cadence well.  I tried it on other styles but it seemed to be most agreeable to the auctioneer.  Lots to ponder in that.

It's not what you think it's what you believe.  Patricia '96

Friday, May 25, 2018

in my little world

In the jar I captured a street lit up at night. Tiny people dressed and dancing in the town square.  I don't know what caused their celebration.  The women wore elaborate ball gowns. The type that are time consuming not only to make but to get into.  That told me this wasn't a spur of the moment occasion. Why weren't they inside of grand ballroom but instead dancing in the street.

It's not what you think it's what you believe.  Patricia '96